David Saavreda

Hello SRI Master Gano Grills, Ever since the seminar and obtaining my divine beacon I’ve been having dreams that its night time every time i dream, its been happening 5 nights straight and your teaching me and others in a class room also.


Sonia Parnell (R.H.N., R. Irid.)

Greetings Sri Master Gano Grills, Thank you once again for the firm consultation. Last evening and your gifting of the ancestral money. I had a dream last night after the consult. I saw 3 statues of MahaLakshmi, one tall one, one medium one and one of her laying on the ground. I acknowledged all three but I picked up the one on the ground. There were also wooden elephants; they seem to have had a holder on their side with water and floating burning candles inside. What does this mean? I truly need some guidance about my path. I feel somewhat confuse. Thank you for all you do.


Darlene Tavares

After the FIRST time I spoke with you over the phone, when I wen to sleep, I saw YOU as a pure gold version of how you look now…BUT you were at least 20 feet tall. I was just in awe of your brilliance and stature. You were completely animated as a human as well. All you said to me in that form was “You know”. It was telepathic though. Then I woke up. I’ve always had issue with praying to a son of a God that I really never knew enough about to even accept as one I should even be praying to. I always questioned, that if Jesus is the son of God and we are all god’s children, then wouldn’t that make me be praying to my brother instead of my Father…and wouldn’t that suggest that I too might possibly be a Demi-Goddess if my brother Jesus was one…IJS…No calculator can add up so much of what we have been taught. My thoughts…


Natasha Gordon (Galighticus Student)

Greetings SMGG, I can remember bits and pieces from four dreams that you were in within the last year. I remember you being in more but I don’t remember those. Yet I do remember them always being in a school setting.


Dream #1 It was the night prior to the Kundalini Activation, and the setting was an exact replica of the room that we were in. The people were the same and the setup of the chairs were also the same. And in the dream you were walking around the room talking (I don’t remember the words) yet, I got a pink candle in the dream, which was letting me know that this is a purchase that I needed to make in actuality the next day.


Dream #2 Was a school setting and you we were in what seemed to be a nurses office, and I was the nurse or the healer. You showed me where you needed healing at, I believe that it was the right shoulder blade. I went into a room to wash my hands, I don’t remember it to be a literal restroom, yet in still there was a sink, and a mirror.  I remember looking into it but the mirror was clouded, so I could not see a reflection.  I entered back into the room were you were in and there were two of you, one of you were the age you are now and the other was sitting on the couch he was a younger version of you. I don’t recall the actual healing yet after I was done you kissed me on the left and right cheek and thanked me. Also in this dream another lady I watch on Facebook (blackberry beauty academy)was my math teacher.


Dream#5 I don’t recall if you were in this one yet, it was the night or the next when you invited your Students to the gathering of when the new Gods were to be awarded Their Godship, and I can recall being their. This puzzled me as I was not a “Student” as of yet.


Oneil Newland

Greetings SRI Master Gano Grills, nuff love and blessings, give thanks fi life!  (a little Jamaican mixed up nicely for you)  I hope you like it. Lol

I would like to share my experience about what happened to me after you blessed me with your ring at The Sequence of Power Seminar in Los Angeles. After I received my blessing and the event was over, I decided to go up to my room and put away some things I had purchased at the Seminar. Unbeknownst to me something was happening with my Crown Chakra. On my way up I bump into Liz at the elevator and told her that something was going on with the top of my head, and that It hurt to the touch. She replied by saying, “It’s your Crown Chakra, and I wish it was happening to me” That night as I laid in bed an instant serge of energy started from the bottom of my left foot, and worked it’s way up to the top of my head. It travelled throughout my entire body, and while the energy was moving up it felt like it was rearranging my insides.

The ironic thing is that the same foot where the energy had started is the same one that I had been having problems with. It had been pulsating a lot for a while now, and at times it vibrated so hard it was painful. I was also having some issues with my right hip. Much to my surprise, when I woke up the next morning the issue with my left foot was gone and the discomfort in my right hip was hardly noticeable. The energy didn’t stop there. When I got back home, for two nights/days I couldn’t sleep properly because my head was still on fire. I thought that maybe I should take my pendant off because SRI Master Gano had infused it with his energy as well. I had guessed right, the energy in my pendant became so strong and was working even while I was sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling drained and weak. My energy level had dropped, but this was not a feeling of illness. I remembered having the same feeling once when I had fallen asleep with my Moldavite Stone on my Heart Chakra. I recognized that the feeling I was experiencing was due to the POWERFUL healing that was taking place in my body. Today is Jan/18/2018, and my energy has been restored. My left foot has been completely healed and my right hip continues to improve daily.

So with love and gratitude, I say thank you SRI Master Gano Grills, and nuff blessings!!!

Oneil Newland


Ronald Lindsey

Many Blessings Sir,

I AM SO Grateful. The Great Grandfather ( Jade Emperor ) has opened the door and I have just been awarded a five year million dollar contract with Home Depot. Upgrading the technology in their stores.

I was praying and fasting so hard for this blessing. I felt so bad about not being able to stay in Los Angeles for DAY 2 of the the seminar but I knew I had to be back in Atlanta to start this project.

faith. Your teachings and insight have been such a blessing. I AM your next student. I AM grateful. I AM going to order my alter and my medallion as soon as I get me check.

Many Blessings to Racina and Alicia for the warmth and comfort they gave me during the seminar. I am sitting hear in tears of JOY that I cannot put into to words.

If you know anyone in the Atlanta area that needs a job I WILL hire them. Thank you so much. YOU ARE a Blessing. I AM GRATEFUL.



Ronald Lindsey


If there is ANYTHING I can do to further your mission do not hesitate to let me know.

Sarah Dawn

Hi Sri Master Gano,

Thank you very much for your Wonderful, Beautiful Gift!!

Some things happened and I want to share with you:

I started getting ready for hour 10p session early so I could have the right energy to receive Divine Healing (thank you thank you!)

I knew I would likely end up falling asleep so got ready for bed – earplugs, sleeping eye covers and all – before I began. I put a pen and paper next to my bed so I could write down what happened when it was over.

Something happened right away but I didn’t write it down because I was deep in meditation, calling in Divine healing; I am worthy and I’m ready to receive  I remember being sure I’d remember it later because it was something very normal or natural or maybe just familiar. About whatever that first vision was.


There was this huge storm going on! Thunder and lighting and rain pounding on the roof!!! This was going on during our session and I had my earplugs in and starting thinking about how that was some major thunder. And at the same time, I was thinking about how I didn’t think there was going to be a storm. And at the same time also/again, I took

My earplugs out and eye covers off and moved the drape to look out the window onto the clear night. Wow!


So that was cool  I do really love a good storm. Love. Love!  That was really cool.

So I went back into calling in and receiving and then it was morning. And I jotted down what I remembered. And, I got almost two more hours sleep than I’d been getting!!

Thank you sOO much, Sri Master Gano!!

Many Wonderful BlesSings to You,

Sarah Dawn

(I didn’t get this worded well enough to want to post it anywhere but I couldn’t wait thank you -thank you!- so i wanted to send it to you as is.  If it looks okay enough to share with others to you, then I would post it wherever you want me to)

Samaria Rhett

Hello Sri Master Gano Grills,

I attended the Sequence of Power seminar in LA, where I received a Celestial touch and third eye activation.  Being somewhat new to this new way of thinking and being, I was quite sceptical of being there, but yet excited.  It was an amazing experience, as it was the first time I met likeminded individuals.  So here it goes, although I really liked all of the words of power, there was one in particular that really resonated with me.  I often felt that I belonged among the stars and have always been sooooooo into movies and television shows regarding the Airforce and secret military space missions, interdimensional beings, aliens, and advanced technology.  I mean, like literally, if there were individuals to be selected for interstellar travel, I would want to be one of those ‘qualified’ chosen individuals.  Okay, so here we go, back to my experience. Six days after receiving the words of power I decided to prepare myself to sit and say the words over and over and over again.  As I began to say the words, I tried to focus my mind with intent.  Even though the skepticism was still right at the back of my mind, my intent was still directed.  I did not see anything or feel anything…initially.  But that night, I stayed the night at my friend’s house, and then something amazing happened.  When my recording (dream) began, I came across some beings, it was like a family reunion, you know those family reunions were you haven’t seen your cousin since you were four.  Or as if meeting your great-grand Aunt for the first time, like that. We talked and mingled for a while then I asked them their names.  Oh my goodness! Why did I do that?  See, I knew that they were visiting from somewhere other than Earth and for some reason, I was not surprised.  When they said their names, well the particular being I was speaking too, it was soooo loud.  It was if their voice was directly within my head.  It was a name that I could not articulate with my vocals, like a mixture of sounds and vibration, or frequencies, if that makes any sense. Well, unfortunately I did not stay in my recording long as the sound was so loud I had awakened.  But boy do I look forward to my next interaction with them.


Miracles as of Dec 26th, 2017

Good Evening Sri Master,

I pray that your family is healthy and Prosperous as well as all of your business endeavors, I envisioned send you an exceptional email of Miracles and Fortune yet.

Thank you for creating amazing Powerful Kand-EL. This is what followed after I burned the Lord Thoth Kand-EL prayed for the prescribed time.


I prayed to Lord Thoth and was given a message in a dream – Lord Thoth put his hands on the front and backside of my head- then rays of light came from his hands directing into my brain.

You began to sing tones in my Ear ranging in pitch. We hugged and our cheeks brushing together. You began to massage my Jaw opening it more as in a Cranio Sacral treatment the space between my Jaw and Head felt Expanded stretched for more room.

The dream was fast passed for the duration, we ran together in a Shiny dimension inside of a multi-level building with ramps spinning in all directions. We were roller around the ramps in warp speed for what felt like hours. Yet when I woke in the morning I had a headache for about an hour, I also felt very unusual that morning, I felt a real shift, in my being since that night of the Dream.

Peace and Love


Konrad Salt

Sri Master Gano Grills I LOVE YOU AND ALL THAT YOU DO!!! You should have mentioned the Galighticus app which I bought right away when I saw it available for 45 doll hairs HAS THE WORD OF POWER TO GET RID OF NEGATIVE PARASITIC ENTITIES! I would have bought it for that alone! I however am not sure of the pronunciation. Then I finally, lol everything in divine timing, spent 416 doll hairs on the GOLDEN GUN, 3 months of 500 billion bills of ancestor money, THE CREATOR KAnd-EL, LORD THOTH KAnd-EL, Archangel Michael KAnd-EL, Holy Oil, and the Galighticus Discourse number 1 which I bought because of the section, SECRETS OF THE ALTAR. After listening to that part and some others EYE SEE how much priceless Information you give out and I am Infinitely thankful! I have to call you again because the message I left I am pretty sure I accidentally deleted because I pressed 2 as I thought it said extend but nothing happened then I pressed 2 again and it hung up. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! INFINITE LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!! ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL AS ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL!!!!!!!

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