Lord Ganesha Transducer Medallion


The Transducer is the newest spiritual technology that allows one to input a refined resonance of the Gods into their lives, to build a rapport with the higher realities.? The Gods are more inclined to place blessings into the stream of your life when they see that you apply for it. The Transducers demonstrate that earnest desire.? Having friends in high places is an intelligent move in choosing to be empowered.


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When one travels to the Fifth Dimension and beyond, most beings?are identified by their regalia.? There are many exalted beings of whom the world has never heard,even in mythology.Some of these beings have a perfect symphony that is automatically created upon their arrival.?Some beings produce a massive catalog of new inventions in a nanosecond upon their appearance. The Galighticus has been given a new technology on this dimension called the?Transducer.

This Transducer medallion projects power directly into the possessor.? It allows you to safely interface with different parts of the God who insoles the Transducer energy, for human usage.? For example, Lord Ganesha has eight different forms. His Transducer will allow you to safely interface with four different forms of his mystical and strange abilities.Lord Thoth also has different forms that are quite magical.? His HyperNTR-EL magic is unparalleled on any world.? We are pleased to offer this new technology for the first time on this third-dimensional reality. We have been given many modalities that the Gods are pleased for humans, who are on the path to enlightenment as well as ascension, to use.

Safe interface with exalted beings who are friendly to the evolution of this world, is a powerful way to expand and flourish your own awareness to a grand degree. We will be introducing a complete series of?Transducers that will awaken unknown parts of your consciousness. This post-solar-ecliptic time is quite an exciting one, for the Gods have sped up the clock of evolution, so that the world can advance to a great degree.



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  1. 5 out of 5

    David Richards (verified owner)

    Auspicious events have been accruing within my life stream. Lord Ganesha is truly powerful indeed yeth!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Enjouli S. (verified owner)

    It’s beautiful and magical. I wear it wherever I go

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