7 Thrones medallion

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This medallion has the presence of 6 ArchAngels of your creation. The outer ring represents the 7 gate-keepers of the paradise Heavenly realms.
The holder of this medallion will have a representation of Angelic presence within and around their auric field. Over time the resonance of this medallion can become permanent if goodness is upheld within the holder. This medallion is designed to be a key to acquire the generative forces of angelic light.
It has taken 7 years of devout service to humanity for this blessing to be given by these Angelic beings.
Remember,the KA of #LordThoth/Tehuti was once primarily angelic. This is why all of the other Gods of his times knew not his origin and always asked him questions about where he hailed from.
This is extremely rare in the cosmos. To the extent of 1 per 1000, galaxies.
It would be the equivalent of living in a fully staffed mansion with all amenities, and then choosing to be of service in a rat, roach, bedbug and mice infested room with far too many people who smell awful and are grossly devoid of true light. Then making your way back to that light with a very specific group of homing beacons placed within your being.
Galighticus has continually empowered people for years. The Gods have blessed us lavishly. As some people are reading ancient texts and arguing over the validity of who the anunaki, or who the chosen ones are, we are actually becoming gods on earth, on our way to enlightenment an back to the Eternal

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