Unborn Forgiveness KAnd-EL


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Abortion and unwanted pregnancy have its effects. Many women are unaware that when they abort, they terminate a soul contract willingly. It creates an unfortunate negative in the spiritual credit score. Every first-breath-of-life on earth has a soul. Some disguised as humans don’t have a soul, but that is a different seminar altogether.

There are indeed many catalysts as to why women feel they must abort; but whatever the case, cause and effect,which is a law within the universal record, is enacted. No first-breath-of-life soul on Earth is exempt from these laws. These laws are created by the heavenly governments whose job it is to maintain law and order within the universe. When those laws are broken or breached, repercussions ensue, be it divine beings, demi-Gods, or humans.  The law is upheld, regardless of one’s creative stature.

As a result, the soul of the aborted unborn can cause the mother a great deal of woe, blocking relationships or haunting her. This is a real condition that many women and men suffer through silently, in shame and agony.This Super KAnd-EL is built with energies that will lead to success of willful choices. It is the only one of its kind, and its technology is a gift from higher realms.

I once prescribed the method of burning this KAnd-EL to a woman who had six abortions.  Afterwards, she felt that she had a tremendous weight lifted from her.

The user will follow the directions/prescribed ritual on the label to heal the termination; and hopefully the unborn soul (or souls) will move back into the natural order and rhythms of life. The Unborn Forgiveness KAnd-EL is one of those technologies that has come to your world to help free you from your negative choices, the same way fire was given to you, to allow you the benefits of all that fire provides.   (The mythos states that man did not have fire until the ultra-God, Prometheus Titan, gave it to man.)

Millions of women and men – including workers in an abortion clinic – are walking around this planet with an energetic stain equivalent to a dark cloud, because they have participated in the action of terminating a life contract of a soul coming onto this Earthly plane.  Therefore, they have the negative karma that follows them. It will follow them until something is done about it.  Collectively, this is causing a spiritual overdraft on your world, because the residue of that energy does not help the planet to breathe properly.It is one’s responsibility to maintain the health of one’s own planet.

NOTE.  One KAnd-EL per abortion will be necessary.


It is time to finally change the reality you created by this action and move onward with your destiny. The decision was part of the lesson.  This solution is the completion of that lesson.

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    (verified owner)

    Who would of new of this kind of knowledge and rituals if it wasn’t for my divine parent Lord Thoth!

  2. (verified owner)

    I saw a video SMGG did about abortion, murder and suicide but, specifically to help correct that comic strike against any actions of abortion.

  3. (verified owner)

    Great to have a modality that helps with lifes forgiveness

  4. (verified owner)

    When I received my unborn KAN-DEL I felt a strong presence of energy coming from it once I opened the package it felt very spiritual.

  5. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my kandel

  6. As soon as I recieved this Kand-El I connected with the soul of the child. I heard “I was about to be so happy”. When i lit the Kand-El I heard Archangel Azrael tell me to get a cup of water. Much more was said to me through a lengthy conversation on the 5th dimension. This ritual works 100% and I thank my GOD MUFASA (during this ritual Archangel Azrael told me HE IS THE MIGHTIEST GOD OF THEM ALL) for directing me to Gano, and allowing me to fix this mistake I unknowingly made.

  7. (verified owner)

    I bought this kandle for my sister. She did the entire ritual & it’s like life is moving mountains for her. Thank you, Sri Master Gano Grillz.

  8. (verified owner)

    Thank you for this modality Lord Thoth!!! I sought the forgiveness of 2 abortions, my KandEls both had images in them of my babies. They became flowers afterward. The scent is soothing and My 2 living children are being blessed in all sorts of beautiful ways.

  9. (verified owner)

    Before during and after I finished the ritual I knew I was forgiven by my unborn child. I can talk about the experience without feeling shame or embarrassed. Give thanks to Sri Master Gano Grills & Galighticus family.

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