Soul Facets Retrieval Kand-el

Soul Facets Retrieval KAnd-EL


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Low self-esteem, body dysmorphic syndrome, and many other isms are caused by missing soul material. This KAnd-EL is charged and blessed with energies that will lead to success of missing parts of the soul. This Super KAnd-EL is the only one of its kind and its technology is a gift from the higher realms.  We must be complete and whole if we are to resurrect, ascend, or pass back into the original state of our pre-mortal existence with our Creator.

Retrieval of Soul Facets.The human soul is similar to gemstone. It is composed of 617 facets. The soul reflects light, which gets brighter with our evolution to enlightenment. Eventually the soul shape resembles a smooth pearl when certain enlightenment is achieved. There are many methods for retrieval of lost soul facets and the return of facets in your possession, that belong to another.

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