Shango Kand-el

Shango Iwa Pele KAnd-EL


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Orisha of lightning, dance, drum and charisma.  Shango is a mix of the “red” aggression and virility of Ogun, and the “white” equanimity of Obatala.  He has the force of Ogun and wisdom of Obatala.  Because of his ability to tap into his creative potential, he can resolve and challenge with inventiveness, while keeping his cool.  Shango is patron of Iwa Pele (“God character”).  This is the most important aspect for humans to work on.  Embody changes energy by placing an offering of six red apples on your altar with this KAnd-EL and focus upon its attributes.

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    My Spirtual Father has to be on my altar at all times. His Energy runs through me and my Soul. Love you Father Shango

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