The LOST Galighticus Videos


Here at Galighticus, we realize that there are people all around the world who are not able to travel to one of our seminars. This is the reason these downloadables exist. People who are in the Congo, India, bedridden, or that simply don?t have the means to get on a plane and attend the seminars that we offer throughout the year, this product is especially designed for you. It will also emanate a divine resonance that will soothe your soul and expand your consciousness every time you listen to it. Enjoy the information and employ the practices that are suggested throughout the series.? You will see over time that your life will be transformed, and most importantly your consciousness will evolve to a grand degree. We thank you for your support and wish the blessings of all the Gods of light into your life.


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This collection has been a great source of teaching. Once premiered on YouTube for the people to be introduced to a spiritual higher learning.? However, we must protect the clandestinity of these teachings without giving unscrupulous people an opportunity to misuse these teachings that empower the listener, by insuring the laws of reciprocity are enacted with every transaction. This exchange ensures that the listener receives the maximum benefit, simply because these laws have been adhered to.



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