Galighticus Discourses #1


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This series of discourses is a must for anyone who is ready for more spiritual knowledge and cosmic awareness.

This series covers a wide range of topics from the arcane to the occult, from the HyperNTR-EL to the theosophical.

– Casting Spells
– Grand Master
– Quantum vs.Linear
– Stevie Wonder
– Why Angels are in Church
– How to Astral Project
– How to Die
– Ghosts
– Higher Worlds
– Iwa Pele
– Words of Power
– Extra Terrestrial
– Disinformation
– Egypt 2014
– Heaven & Hell
– Flying in Your Dreams
– Allah
– Living a Lie
-Secrets of the Altar
– Archons
– Venus and Vulcan
– Unconscious Magic
– Blood Elixir
– Jesus / Hitler
– Talismans
and much more.


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