TOUBA No Harm Belt Talisman


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These particular talismans were made from the lineage of the legendary, Cheihk Ahmadou Bamba PBUH, Who was indeed regaled in the Muslim world for his piety and devotion to Al Islam.

At the same time he was known for his deeply exceptional mystic abilities. There are many stories and testimonies of his heroism. He was the doctor strange of his time and has achieved unfathomable feats.

The talismans from this particular line have his energy imbued within them.

This talisman was created in Senegal Africa. It is a product of many powerful prayers and it also has Shamanic Sufi mysticism of the TOUBA.  

When I 1st heard about this particular shaman I was excited but very skeptical at the same time. I had heard about how he demonstrated the power of the protection talisman by trying to cut himself with a large machete. I had to see for myself. The now deceased professor Karim and myself went to go see the shaman and he demonstrated the power of this particular protection talisman. I bought a few of them for myself and my love ones.

I put them in my car and proceeded to drive home I noticed that when I headed for the Lincoln tunnel the car would not speed up, as a matter of fact I would floor the gas and all the car would do was read high but move very slow. I immediately dropped into meditation to see what was going on and what I saw was amazing. The forces that protect me were fighting against the forces of this particular talisman that I had bought in number. I had to have a conversation with my protective agency that it was OK to allow and integrate these protective forces into our agency. I had to move the talismans to the trunk of the car and immediately the car began to work correctly again. These forces are hyper natural.

Once I witnessed this for myself I had a very important decision to make. I could choose to disbelieve it or I can integrate it into my consciousness and accept the fact that the elemental exterior of our reality is mutable and can be altered to our advantage.

I choose to be empowered at all levels of my existence here on Earth and so should you. Especially if it is possible simply by choosing to be calm aware of the reality of what is possible.

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