The Divine Beacon


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The Divine Beacon has the power of the 22 Gods of the Galighticus. It is an extremely powerful HyperNTR-EL vessel of magnificence.  There are few people who are destined to obtain its power.  These people are the children of the highest Gods and have been fast at work for many lifetimes.

The power of this vessel is holy and can be considered a miniature Arc of the Covenant.  A consultation is required before the transaction can be complete.

Call 908-516-8404 or email after placing your order to schedule your consultation.

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Divine Beacon testimony from Student Tom Hadnot​
TIME: some minutes past midnight

When i was sitting in front of white kandel in quiet meditation, a giant arm with a golden band at wrist and bicep…appeared and picked me up (scaled to image of being a human in the size of king kong except the hand was Larger) i was placed on some sort of shelving next to other ‘figurines’ ( intuition – primordial clay? ). It felt like a ‘workshop’ of sorts. Rows of figures. He took one of them and touch it causing the entire person/figurine to glow. Then he placed it back on the shelf. Afterwards that I appeared in front of two giant onyx obelisks (gateway) in a desert the foreground was a grand pyramid opened as if the entire face of it was a door and a glow or light came from within (imagine a pie slice of the earth in geological book). I feel it was Lord THOTH (tall figure about 15 ft ) that guided me inside thru the obelisks. Once inside a chamber we walked on to a dialis? (Circular platform) it appeared to be copper spiral from the top view. It was a sort of lift and we went down deep into darkness. I was in a void with soft light about the ceiling. Roaring silence. It sort of stopped there with my consciousness in that void. It felt like a incomprehensible space.


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