Lord Ganesha Imperial Beacon


It is indeed fascinating that out of all the deities in the pantheon of Hinduism, Lord Ganesha has top billing; but not because he is the most powerful.? Rather, because he holds a very unusual distinction within the universe.

For thousands of years, the mysticism of Lord Ganesha has captured the hearts of his devotees, because of his exceptional abilities to achieve insurmountable tasks and feats. His appetite for satisfaction?s arrival is unmatched among all the Gods. Even with these powerful abilities, he remains humble, a quality that many of the Gods themselves know not.

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As the ages unravel and time moves on, problems of all kinds occur, even among the Gods. Lord Ganesha is the ultimate solver of problems, because his unusual form allows him to easily bust through the entanglements of discordant energies, that create the energies of those problems.

Holding the keys to prosperity and infinite knowledge, Lord Ganesha is well sought-after, because of these features he happily projects at will.

Lord Ganesha has his own galaxy, upon which many fleets of elemental beings of great power carry out his will, and he also is the son of four very powerful Gods:? Lord Shiva, who is the destroyer of things; Parvati, who is a great compassionate mother of the Tridevi (Hindu divine feminine trinity); Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of wealth and beauty; and Lord Vishnu, of course known as the generator of creations, according to Hinduism.


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