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The Double Cosmic Beacon is a safe device that connects the user directly to the creator of the vehicle known as the soul. This personal creator(s)is/are known as the divine parent(s). They are Gods. Gods have been in existence for much longer than the creation of this planet.

Our Creator has earlier-created, sentient beings known as deities. They are not the same as the Creator.Having this is a major benefit that will give the user a real pathway to spiritual freedom.  Divine parents fashion the energy of the soul as a vehicle, so that travel to lower worlds is possible.  Earth is one of those worlds that exists on the outer fringes of this cosmological arrangement.

Divine parents project fragments of themselves all throughout the cosmos, and this gives birth to worlds, by their projections seeding life upon planets. This is not heavily taught or reported in your world, but it is true,nonetheless.

Testimonies from people who have obtained the Double Cosmic Beacon prove that there indeed are many realities that are far more expansive than the limits of the Third Dimension.The Double Cosmic Beacon has four times the power as the single Cosmic Beacon. When one uses the Double Cosmic Beacon, for the first time they allow themselves to utilize real divine power that will eventually lead them back and up towards the divinity they were created to be, before “the great descension”.

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The modalities that are on this site are here to evolve your consciousness, place you in the field of empowerment, accelerate your karma, and give you information you will not receive anywhere else. These products are made to have the power that goes beyond your mechanical reasoning. These Cosmic Beacons and Super KAnd-ELs are beyond logic. They will not make sense to your linear understanding, primarily because they work beyond those parameters.


One of the reasons for the testimonies at is to have an open record in the words of the people who have had the experience. The participant of the seminars will have the confidence to move further on the path of their evolution. Additionally, it will deepen one’s faith, when one has witnessed the impact of power for themselves.


Galighticus offers communicative units of evolution from higher fields of inter-dimensional intelligence. As a high priest, alchemist, healer and HyperNTR-EL being (I do not mean like David Copperfield or David Blaine), I utilize the forces of spirituality that come from the Angelic Kingdom, as well as other unknown realms. Angels are the ones who brought these spiritual forces that are perceived as HyperNTR-EL magic, and the power of spells, to your world. They have brought the technology of rearranging reality as you perceive it. They brought that art to certain high priests in this world, from their world, because their world supersedes the limitations of your laws of nature and of your numerical system. It overrides the laws of karma that keep you bound to the cycles of life and death. These are some of the tools, talismans and products that we have.Make it your business to add to your life the power that it has available; and begin your year with that.



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