The Auset – Big Gun – £48 Nonillion



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The Auset nonillion £ note give the financial ashe (divine blessings)  into infinity and forever, meaning that all ancestors receive. No matter how far back in the lineage. This is the only note with its particular energetic arrangement of power. It addresses this particular issue below.

Roderick Stefan Jones

This morning I went to my Ancestor Altar to burn some ancestor money and during my prayer I ask the Ancestors to let me know if they were receiving the money. After finishing up on my meditation I decided to lay down for a few more minutes and I drifted off into a recording/dream … I see my friend Jay Brock was in town and always happy to see him and we proceeded to go to my home and when I got there all these people was there and I didn’t see and any one I recognized except I caught a glimpse of Sri Master Gano Grills and I was wondering why he was there. My living room was set up like a class room so I figured he was going to teach so I sat on the second to last row. As I was sitting there this lady turns around and says: Where is your Ancestor Altar and I pointed to the right corner behind me. So now I am seeing her go into a trance like state and she was telling me I have kids and naming the places where they are. As far as I know I don’t have any kids biologically … and then something happened, a energy started attacking her from the Altar … the roof of my home started opening up to show me something and all I can see was a white light in cased in like some type of frame. This energy was extremely powerful and I was struggling to visualize what was there, but then I could feel Sri Master coming towards me and he put his index fingers at the side of my temples upon my head and as I proceeded to calm down … he whispered “Look” … I tried my best to see what he wanted me to see, but it was just this beautiful white space of energy and then I awakened. My ears has been ringing ever since, I can just hear energy buzzing all around me. This is my first time sharing a recording.


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When I 1st committed to my spiritual journey over 10 years ago, I did a specific meditation to access the consciousness of the ruler of celestial wealth known as the grand father  Jade Emperor. During my meditation  he appeared in front of me or should I say my consciousness appeared in front of him. He was floating in his human opulent form. What he projected directly into my consciousness was $100 million dollars.
For years I had no clue as to why he placed this within my consciousness. Amazingly, it slowly lead me out of my own spirit of lack into the opulence of unlimited thought and unbridled acceptance of divinity. I continued to dutifully make offerings to him everyday without fail. I also made offerings to the other gods who eventually made themselves known. It took me years to realize what that moment was truly about.
Grand Father Jade Emperor appeared in front of the consciousness of Tehuti/LordThoth. The covenant of Galighticus was given to him. I was made to see this remotely. The little that I retained was what I saw. The higher meaning is the action I lived out in execution of this covenant. That is to assist others in overturning not only their spirit of lack ,but the condition of it in the lives of their own beloved ancestors.
Galighticus is the authority on the human afterlife as well as the divine realms for several reasons. The beings that have created these realms as well as run them, are part of our movement. This is why we have so much to offer in the way of in depth knowledge of ancestral interface.
We also have been given the license and permission to revolutionize and own our  ancestor money that will be tens of thousands of times greater than any other in existence of even the Asians who print them. This again, is for many sound reasons that I have taught about over the years. Our ancestor money will address very serious issues that affect the living as well as the dead. Once and for all ,we finally have the power to address and overturn, many of the ravages of what creates lack, ghosts, strange phenomena, and many other things in this world.