Golden Gun Ancestor Money (Joss Paper)

Golden Gun $100 Billion Note


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These precious bills are looked at and referred to as “guns”. The Golden Gun in particular, is preferential to the ancestors because of its opulence and power to imbue the highest most sought-after frequency in this quadrant of the galaxy, GOLD.  The Golden Gun shoots and kills the “spirit of lack”. It murders the poverty entities that plague the awareness of the feckless Earthling.

Its usage is guaranteed to add strength and power to the lineage of the user in many, different ways, unknown and unrecorded until now. Sri Master Gano Grills is an authority on the modality of ancestor money. Thousands of souls have seen the power of this technology granted to the dead by the Grandfather,the Jade Emperor.Get yours today and make it part of your life.

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This is a very powerful modality that our ancestors have asked the creator for. The Jade Emperor is a God that I have worked with for years. Because I have built a successful rapport with him through my intention of connecting with my ancestors, they in turn have lovingly introduced me to the Jade Emperor.  He has given me the blessing of not only adding his energy to the ancestor money that I make available to anyone who wishes to experience the power of it, but he also takes the energy straight to the ancestors after he quantifies it. The proof is in the many testimonies that people have. Nobody else has the extra impact on the ancestor money that you can only get from

I am very proud of that, as well as deeply thankful to the Jade Emperor for helping us have more financial assistance for ourselves, simultaneously helping our ancestors.For best results, hold it in the left hand and burn a denomination at your ancestor altar. Watching it burn carries it through the spiritual gateway to the ancestors. Ask them to show you proof of their receiving it.  It is not legal tender in this dimension of reality, but it is real currency that shows up in their world as MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars. In the human afterlife, known as the spirit world, it is very similar to THIS world, they have homes,cars,jobs, and hospitals, believe it or not.  Ancestor money is one of the most loving ways to continue your relationship with your dearly departed, instead of Just memorializing them on an empty human level that does absolutely NOTHING to benefit them or yourself.

It is a fact that the Chinese, Mexicans, Japanese, Africans, etc., all have thriving successful businesses and relationships because they honor their ancestors and give them ancestor money.  Paradoxically, if one ignores their ancestors, it can cause great suffering with bad luck, failed relationships,sickness, and unhappiness.  The ancestors have the power of lower Gods inand over your life.

Jmmanuel,B.K.A. Jesus, taught about all of this in his teachings, unfortunately omitted from your Bibles.He also taught about reincarnation and divine parentage, which is the creation of your soul by one or more deities.  They take care of your astral body while your physical body sleeps at nite.Your deities are your cosmic parents in the divine world. They are waiting for you to rediscover this fact.  They still love you regardless.Unfortunately, you don’t have the spiritual bandwidth to recall these happenings. They do not fit into to the human default program of consciousness.  So, the dream sensor blocks it out; and when you finally do retain a morsel of memory of what you did in the spirit world,your human programming makes you forget.   This is quite unfortunate, because it deactivates the very reason we are called into physicality, and that is to EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY. Most religions do not allow that. It gives only a remedial foundation from which to spring.  Getting off the human wheel of rebirth…and evolving away from humanity into the divine celestial worlds, that is your wildest dreams and imagination to the 100th power times 10.

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  1. (verified owner)

    The Golden Gun is super powerful!. I burn the Golden Gun along with the Power Gun the ensure my ancestors receive the Ancestor Money I burn for them. I received The Golden Gun in a timely manner wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper with an amazing fragrance lingering on the item. Iam so very pleased with Galighticus Customer Service.

  2. (verified owner)

    My product was mailed expeditiously. Thank you again

  3. (verified owner)

    I love the Golden Gun. Over the past few months I have been sending a Golden Gun once a week and my Ancestors definitely appreciate this.

  4. (verified owner)

    Thank you!!!

  5. (verified owner)

    When I opened my package, there were two Golden Guns. I only ordered one. Although both were torn, I was still grateful because I received two. I believe in its power.

  6. (verified owner)

    Thank you, Sri Master Gano Grills!! 😮 Prosperity, My Creativity and Everything is working All in My Favor. Gratitude. 🙂 This Emoji is an Angel with a smile> 0:) P. S. I preferred my Display Name to be (Dor Jones). However, that particular option were not present. 🙂 Maybe the next review.

  7. (verified owner)

    To clarify 2 come in the purchase and they are well worth it.

  8. (verified owner)


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