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Our world is a place of magical potential mostly unbeknownst and hidden from us. The Creator has intended for us all to experience all that we desire, even if it is misery. Many are tricked into accepting the forces of misery and allow it to control their lives. Here at Galighticus, we do not believe in any limitation, or submitting to the “spirit of lack”.

I have seen a need for equanimity for many of my lifetimes; and have chosen to come back to earth time and time again, to bring as many people to the higher mansions that Master Jesus spoke of, that Lord Thoth spoke of, and that Buddha has spoken of. We also need to harness all the spiritual power from within, as well as without, in order to begin making that journey back to the primordium.

It takes intention and commitment to get to these places that are beyond real. We have the liberty and freedom to experience the lavishness that is ever available, if we take the proper paths.

With that, I proudly introduce the Galighticus Divine Altar Set. It has taken me years to configure the right elements and codes to empower anyone who is ready to obtain a real sense of harmonic connection to their multidimensional self, ancestors, and divine parents.

The purchase of this set requires a mini consultation to lock in certain intel regarding the divine forces of this altar. Galighticus will not issue this altar set to anyone who is deemed a child of dark gods.

Divine Altar Set includes:

–A consultation (Please call customer service to schedule once you receive your altar kit)
– Creator KAnd-EL
– Deity
– Archangel holy sacraments
– Talisman
– Six-month supply of ancestor money
– Burnt offerings (for your Divine Parents – the Gods who crafted your soul)
– Certificate of sanctification
– Cosmic codes and schedule, and more.

Pay in Full Pay with Payment Plans

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Divine Altar testimony

SRI Master Gano,

I hope that you are enjoying a beautiful holiday season! I must first thank you for following your Divine calling and providing the services and modalities that you offer. I am immensely grateful for what I am learning in such a short amount of time working with the modalities and practices you’ve shared with me and watching your videos. It is an incredible blessing to finally have practices that match my beliefs and to feel like I will finally be guided by a worthy teacher. Thank you!

So, I wanted to give you a brief update on where I am since receiving the Divine Altar Set. If you deem it appropriate, you are more than welcome to use this as a testimonial. I’ve had the Divine Altar Set for a little over two weeks now and I certainly have felt a significantly positive difference in my life. When the box first arrived at my door, I was so excited to see it when I came home. I immediately picked it up and I felt tingling in my hands simply from holding the box. I didn’t open it that evening as I had gotten home late and I didn’t feel ready to open it just yet. For some reason, I was a bit nervous. A couple of days later, I had an uncomfortable exchange with my children’s father that left me feeling a bit out of sorts energetically. That evening was when I decided to open the box. When I did, I immediately felt a surge of energy at the base of my neck and on my upper back and shoulders that was so strong that it was physically overwhelming. I had to place my hands in that area of my body and the energy was literally so powerful and heavy that it felt like I needed to remove it in order to regain normalcy. I felt this energy for hours as I went through all of the box’s contents and read the information provided. With each item that I held in my hands, it felt like energy was being transferred to me. I was standing when I initially opened the box, but I eventually had to be seated to finish going through the contents. It was immensely powerful! I didn’t have all of the altar elements that day, so I didn’t set the altar up for a couple of days while I gathered everything I needed. Since having the altar set up, praying for 7 minutes twice daily and burning offerings to my Divine Parents and ancestor money in the mornings and evenings, many things have changed in my life. I no longer feel as physically tired as I used to and my oldest son (age 9) who was often very angry has had a drastically positive change in his behavior and attitude. I’ve been feeling lighter, more free and so much more grateful. I also had an immediate feeling that I needed to clean my home thoroughly that reminded me of when I was nesting during the latter part of pregnancy. It has been quite a busy time, but I am feeling far better energetically and I am far more hopeful for my future.

Also, I did the ritual for Archangel Gadriel using the KAnd-EL. The evening that I completed the ritual, I had a dream that my condo sold for much more than it is worth and I would be able to relocate very soon! The price it sold for in the dream was $395,000. (Is there any significance to that number?) I was so excited when I awakened and I thanked Archangel Gadriel many times for hearing my request. Then, last week, I was debating over whether I should do the ritual again. Because of the dream, I felt that my request had been heard and I didn’t need to ask for it again, so I decided not to do the ritual. I finished my prayers at the altar that evening and went to bed. Once I was settled in bed, I saw a bright orange flicker of light the color of a flame in the darkness in my bedroom. When I looked at my clock it was exactly 12:00am. I am certain that Archangel Gadriel was confirming that he had heard my request and was working on resolving my issue. I’ll keep you posted! #miracles

I decided that I wanted to attend the workshops in January in California as you suggested during our consultation. I thought I’d take the funds from my savings to go. I did and ordered tickets to both events that you have scheduled in Los Angeles. The evening that I scheduled, my children’s father came to my house and gave me $300 to help out with the kids. He had never really been consistent with providing any financial support, but that was an amazing surprise! On top of that he stared for a few moments at my Buddha statues and then nodded to acknowledge them! He lived in my home with those very same statues for over 10 years and NEVER did that before! Very fascinating! The next day, my mom wrote me a check for $700 ($500 to cover my kids’ holiday gifts and $200 as a gift to me.) So, I ended up only paying about $100 for the event tickets and I didn’t have to buy my kids’ gifts, so my airfare was covered as well! I was so happy and saw it as a sign from the Creator, my Divine Parents and my ancestors that I was certainly meant to be in attendance! I’m working on getting hotel fees covered, going to London in February and becoming a student! I’m very excited!

SRI Master Gano, there are SOOO many other things that I could share, but this email is long enough and I think these are the highlights of the last couple of weeks! I am planning to give you a call for our altar consultation this week. I’m looking forward to talking with you again soon and seeing you in LA!

Much Love and Light and many, many, MANY thanks!



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    (verified owner)

    The smell alone, speaks for itself😊😊

  2. (verified owner)

    Wow the Divine Altar Set is amazing I’m vibrating on a higher frequency now plus I love the aroma that comes from my altar. I’m really in love with my talisman I always feel protected when I wear it or when its near by. And when I opened the box i was so excited it looked like I found lost treasure. And the Divine Altar Set help me understand the cause of why i’m here on earth(Terra). I like to give thanks to Sri Master Gano Grills & The Galighticus Team for letting me follow the natural flow of the universe and the way it was intended to be!

  3. (verified owner)

    The energy from this alter set is phenomenal. Just when you open the box, high frequency energy will hit you. The smell of the items are nice, everything in the box is worth the investment. For The consultation you have to practice patience, you will most likely have to wait for it, but in the meantime you can still burn the ancestor money and give your ancestors offerings so it’s not a big deal. Once you receive the the consultation , it will add greatly to the routine you started with your alter!

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