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Galighticus is one of the worlds most powerful Spiritual Movement founded by SRI Master Gano Grills. The 144,000 blessed ones will come through the Galighticus programme of ascension. GALIGHTICUS is a channel for like-minded people who enjoy the divine gifts of being amazed, inspired and empowered.

SRI Master Gano Grills guidance takes you past your limitations. The ascension of Mother Earth is a mega event that is being watched all throughout the galaxies, stars, and universe. Galighticus.com is here to enlighten you and bring out your unique gifts.

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At Galighticus Online Spiritual Shop we sell everything from Spiritual Tools, Alter Sets, Organic & Natural Bath Oils, to Empowerment Modalities, Healing and Magick tools and Ancestor money (Joss Paper). SRI Master Gano Grills offers spiritual consultations and mindfulness seminars around the world, Check out our events.

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  • St Germaine’s Violet Flame KAnd-EL

    He is a key figure in the ascension of mankind, for he is responsible for bringing the technology of the Violet Flame and availing it to whomever is destined…

    • EUR: €36.04
    • GBP: £31.19
    • CNY: ¥290.80
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  • Lord Ganesha Imperial Beacon

    It is indeed fascinating that out of all the deities in the pantheon of Hinduism, Lord Ganesha has top billing; but not because he is the most powerful.  Rather,…

    • EUR: €1,351.35
    • GBP: £1,169.55
    • CNY: ¥10,905.00
  • ArchAngel Gadriel KAnd-EL of Divine Intervention

    Gadriel is one of the most important, yet unknown angels in the celestial kingdom. His orders come directly from the Creator of all. He is a lord over the…

    • EUR: €36.04
    • GBP: £31.19
    • CNY: ¥290.80
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  • ALL 18 Super KAnd-ELs

    Current list of Super KAnd-ELs
    2. Sri Lakshmi
    3. Lord Thoth
    4. Kwan-yin
    5. Arch Angel Raphael
    6. Obatala Clarity

    • EUR: €558.56
    • GBP: £483.41
    • CNY: ¥4,507.40
  • Baldr Kronos

    Baldr is a powerful Norse God of Asgaard.
    Kronos is a God that creates time.
    This program represents the highest echelon of my teachings and powers.
    The powers have been coalescing in…

    • EUR: €10,810.80
    • GBP: £9,356.40
    • CNY: ¥87,240.00
  • Studentship Programme of Ascension

    Are ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual growth? Ready to pursue enlightenment? Are you seeing the ascension codes of 444,555,1111,333,1234, your birthdate,etc? These codes are being…

    • EUR: €2,252.25 - €4,504.50
    • GBP: £1,949.25 - £3,898.50
    • CNY: ¥18,175.00 - ¥36,350.00
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  • HyperNTR-EL Teachings Volume #1

    HyperNTR-EL teachings are specifically designed to give the listener a private experience with my teachings in the comfort of their own home.

    Many have not grown efficiently enough to qualify…

    • EUR: €90.09
    • GBP: £77.97
    • CNY: ¥727.00
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  • Ochun KAnd-EL

    • EUR: €36.04
    • GBP: £31.19
    • CNY: ¥290.80
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  • ArchAngel Metatron Ritual KAnd-EL

    Metatron is the world’s example of our Creator’s generosity. He, as Enoch, ascended into the mighty ranks of arch-angelhood along with his brother, Elijah. Sandalphon is the only other…

    • EUR: €36.04
    • GBP: £31.19
    • CNY: ¥290.80
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