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Galighticus is one of the worlds most powerful Spiritual Movement founded by SRI Master Gano Grills. The 144,000 blessed ones will come through the Galighticus programme of ascension. GALIGHTICUS is a channel for like-minded people who enjoy the divine gifts of being amazed, inspired and empowered.

SRI Master Gano Grills guidance takes you past your limitations. The ascension of Mother Earth is a mega event that is being watched all throughout the galaxies, stars, and universe. Galighticus.com is here to enlighten you and bring out your unique gifts.

Your one-stop-shop for everything spiritual.

At Galighticus Online Spiritual Shop we sell everything from Spiritual Tools, Alter Sets, Organic & Natural Bath Oils, to Empowerment Modalities, Healing and Magick tools and Ancestor money (Joss Paper). SRI Master Gano Grills offers spiritual consultations and mindfulness seminars around the world, Check out our events.

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  • The Divine Beacon


    The Divine Beacon has the power of the 22 Gods of the Galighticus. It is an extremely powerful HyperNTR-EL vessel of magnificence.  There are few people who are destined to…

    • EUR: €2,242.75
    • GBP: £1,927.75
    • CNY: ¥17,722.50
  • TOUBA Force of High Blessings

    All over the world there are countries that are predominantly Muslim. This means that they are required to make prayers every day. This is one of the 5 Islamic…

    $700.00 $500.00
    • EUR: €448.55
    • GBP: £385.55
    • CNY: ¥3,544.50
  • ArchAngel Azra-EL protection ritual

    Having no spiritual protection is the exact cause of freak accidents and surprise chaos.The negative forces will not seek to inflict you with misfortune when it is seen that…

    $150.00 $120.00
    • EUR: €107.65
    • GBP: £92.53
    • CNY: ¥850.68
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  • Fortunas Fortune Destiny KAnd-EL

    Fortuna is loved for her ability to bestow fortune and good luck without discrimination. We at Galighticus have personally been shown the generosity of the “Goddess the benefic Fortuna”….

    • EUR: €35.88
    • GBP: £30.84
    • CNY: ¥283.56
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  • Yemaya Abundance Expansion KAnd-EL

    She is the great mother of the season Earth, of which life on earth would not be possible. Her children love luxury and beautiful surroundings, and money usually comes…

    • EUR: €26.91
    • GBP: £23.13
    • CNY: ¥212.67
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  • HyperNTR-EL Teachings Volume #1

    HyperNTR-EL teachings are specifically designed to give the listener a private experience with my teachings in the comfort of their own home.

    Many have not grown efficiently enough to qualify…

    • EUR: €89.71
    • GBP: £77.11
    • CNY: ¥708.90
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  • Past Lifeology

    Despite what you may have been taught through the advent of religion in the West, or even your formal education. There is too much eternity within our local universe…

    • EUR: €358.84
    • GBP: £308.44
    • CNY: ¥2,835.60
  • Lord Thoth KAnd-EL

    The God Thoth has done more for the human species than he is given credit. We have alchemy, magic, and words of power because of him. Lord Thoth was…

    • EUR: €35.88
    • GBP: £30.84
    • CNY: ¥283.56
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  • St Germaine’s Violet Flame KAnd-EL

    He is a key figure in the ascension of mankind, for he is responsible for bringing the technology of the Violet Flame and availing it to whomever is destined…

    • EUR: €35.88
    • GBP: £30.84
    • CNY: ¥283.56
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