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Galighticus is one of the worlds most powerful Spiritual Movement founded by SRI Master Gano Grills. The 144,000 blessed ones will come through the Galighticus programme of ascension. GALIGHTICUS is a channel for like-minded people who enjoy the divine gifts of being amazed, inspired and empowered.

SRI Master Gano Grills guidance takes you past your limitations. The ascension of Mother Earth is a mega event that is being watched all throughout the galaxies, stars, and universe. Galighticus.com is here to enlighten you and bring out your unique gifts.

Your one-stop-shop for everything spiritual.

At Galighticus Online Spiritual Shop we sell everything from Spiritual Tools, Alter Sets, Organic & Natural Bath Oils, to Empowerment Modalities, Healing and Magick tools and Ancestor money (Joss Paper). SRI Master Gano Grills offers spiritual consultations and mindfulness seminars around the world, Check out our events.

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  • Unborn Forgiveness KAnd-EL

    Abortion and unwanted pregnancy have its effects. Many women are unaware that when they abort, they terminate a soul contract willingly. It creates an unfortunate negative in the spiritual…

    • EUR: €37.04
    • GBP: £30.98
    • CNY: ¥277.80
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  • Mansa Musa Wealth RichYouAll

    Mansa Musa, by today’s calculations, would make the wealth of the Illuminati look like a piggy bank. Mansa Musa presided over modern day Mauritania, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Niger,…

    • EUR: €138.89
    • GBP: £116.18
    • CNY: ¥1,041.75
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  • Big Gun $10 Quadrillion Note

    The BIG GUN is a $10,000,000,000,000,000 ($10 quadrillion) note that packs a lot of power.It is a powerful way to send a large endowment of power and offering directly…

    • EUR: €101.85 - €231.48
    • GBP: £85.20 - £193.63
    • CNY: ¥763.95 - ¥1,736.25
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  • $10 Million Ancestral Notes

    The $10 Million Ancestral Notes are convenient in supplying a regular stream of energetic offering to your ancestors who have lived before you. They have given freely to you…

    • EUR: €37.04 - €111.11
    • GBP: £30.98 - £92.94
    • CNY: ¥277.80 - ¥833.40
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  • Sri Lakshmi Love Wealth

    She is my divine mother of the Vedic pantheon of lord Gods. When I was embroiled in my barrage of difficult tests from the Gods, she came to me…

    • EUR: €37.04
    • GBP: £30.98
    • CNY: ¥277.80
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  • Kwan-Yin Karma booster bath

    Kwan Yin was created by the Buddha, as the mythology states. She sacrificed her life to save her father’s soul. She was a Bodhisattva who was exemplary in what she accomplished on Earth. Even though she is an exalted being, it is rumored that she actually created a living avatar of herself who is still alive on Terra now.

    Over time, certain energies can impede our ability to draw the natural forms of abundance that the Creator of all has all around us, to bless us.

    This spiritual cleansing bath is unique, because it comes with holy water that comes straight from the Nile River in Egypt. It was the birthplace of many renowned events on our world.

    Kwan Yin is also a karma lordess, and able to assist in changing one’s negative karma into a more positive oscillation. I have studied in-between lives with Lady Master Kwan Yin in preparation for this particular lifetime. She is abundantly compassionate and understanding.

    $50.00 $40.00
    • EUR: €37.04
    • GBP: £30.98
    • CNY: ¥277.80
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  • 7 Thrones medallion

    This medallion has the presence of 6 ArchAngels of your creation. The outer ring represents the 7 gate-keepers of the paradise Heavenly realms.
    The holder of this medallion will have…

    • EUR: €648.13
    • GBP: £542.15
    • CNY: ¥4,861.50
  • The MahaLakshmi – Ancestral Lineage Custodian – 8 Octillion

    The MahaLakshmi octillion note is specially built for the ancestral lineage custodians of the world. MahaLakshmi is a God of beauty, love and effulgent wealth.  Using this note aligns…

    • EUR: €50.92 - €592.58
    • GBP: £42.60 - £495.68
    • CNY: ¥381.98 - ¥4,444.80
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  • Yemaya Abundance Expansion KAnd-EL

    She is the great mother of the season Earth, of which life on earth would not be possible. Her children love luxury and beautiful surroundings, and money usually comes…

    • EUR: €27.78
    • GBP: £23.24
    • CNY: ¥208.35
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