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  • Lord Ganesh Spiritual Bath and Empowerment

    Throughout the course of the day, we are among the influence of many kinds of energies. Some are parasitic, vampire, draining and downright taxing on the aura, which is…

    • EUR: €45.09
    • GBP: £38.50
    • CNY: ¥336.10
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  • Jade Emperor Money Bath

    Many are conflicted and bound by the demons of poverty as well as the spirit of lack.

    As a child of the Goddess Lakshmi, I have a natural abhorrence for…

    • EUR: €39.67
    • GBP: £33.88
    • CNY: ¥295.77
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  • Kwan-Yin Karma booster bath

    Kwan Yin was created by the Buddha, as the mythology states. She sacrificed her life to save her father’s soul. She was a Bodhisattva who was exemplary in what she…

    $50.00 $40.00
    • EUR: €36.07
    • GBP: £30.80
    • CNY: ¥268.88
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