Are you out-dated like Myspace?

There were some old pictures I was looking for that I didn’t have handy, so I got the inclination that they would be on MySpace.  I haven’t used MySpace in about seven years.  I don’t think anyone uses MySpace anymore.  However, the pictures that I had uploaded to my profile are still there.  I had to go back into my old account and remember the old password.  I had to download all the pictures that did not carry over that were glimpses of moments I have experienced long ago.  Sometimes I like to look back nostalgically, as a nicelooking-glass into the past, andreminisce on some of the good old times.  Also, I have not shared these images with the new platform of Facebook or Instagram.  They were not created when MySpace was in its prevalence.  Spirituality is a lot like that.  We naturally graduate.  The hundred-monkey syndrome would be a very clear analogy to this construct.  Eventually, there becomes a better way of doing things.  There is a better platform introduced that’s more efficient, user-friendly and palpable.  Like the hundred-monkey syndrome, everyone automatically begins to carry over and leave the old analog way behind.  They embrace wholeheartedly the new apparatus, because it’s current and It’s modern.  The analog almost becomes a joke.  If you go to a party and you say, “contact me through MySpace”, you might be laughed out of the room.  However, eight years ago, everyone was using it, and no one could picture his or her life without it.  Spirituality works the same way.  There are new ways of doing things, new energies and new technologies.

Spirituality doesn’t catch on as fast as Facebook did in correlation to MySpace.  Those that are advanced souls would hear a new way to enact their Kundalini, so they are able to direct energy and heal people.  They download that energy and they begin to use it.  It makes their lives better, more exciting, and it reveals things that they didn’t know about themselves.  Whereas other people would feel it’s too far of a stretch for their perception.  They leave it where it is, and do not afford themselves the luxury or the opportunity of working with this new modality that the universe has so graciously offered.  On Earth, there are things that we can accept in the divine.  We would be wise to learn to accept the many gifts that are constantly being offered to us.  When we donot, we are willingly staying in the analog, in the dead way of doing things, and it doesn’t have to be this way.


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