Did you know that the abortion you had is still haunting you?

Pregnant Abortion


What you are about to read below is a testimony of liberation from one of many women who have used the Unborn Forgiveness KAnd-EL.  Liberation from this energetic stain can be yours, too.

I would like to tell you about my journey the past 7 days, closing the chapters with my 3 unborn children that I aborted many years ago. I never realized that having an abortion could create blocks and obstacles in ones life. 2 days prior to burning the KAnd-Els I connected to my 3 unborn children and finally cried and asked for their forgiveness for what I had done. That night I fell to my knees crying and felt this huge shift beginning to take place. I had never truly acknowledged what I did or gave a sincere apology. I gave them each my reasons for why I blocked them from cycling back here on Earth. Which consisted of fears of bringing a female into a world I saw so dark and scary. After 9 years of sexual, verbal and emotional abuse in a foster home I could not bring children into what I believed at 18 was hell. And at 23 I had my last abortion. I was in a abusive relationship filled with alcohol, partying and drugs. I wasn’t going to subject my child into this dysfunctional environment that I was spiraling into and couldn’t find a way out.

12 years has gone by since then and I never was aware of the severity of having those abortions. I had huge promising dreams and after my last abortion everything was shattered. My drive was gone, the calls weren’t coming in and I gave up on 7 years of hard work and being so close to everything coming true.

The day before I was to begin burning the forgiveness unborn KAnd-El I started to get very sick, feel very nauseous, drained of energy and a block in my throat chakra. That evening in meditation my third child made it clear that she was very pissed off about what was about to happen. The next day I was very sick. Not a normal cold or flu but something that’s very hard to explain. I felt extremely weak and like I had no energy, my throat was hurting and every time I tried to stand up I felt like I wanted to faint. I was in bed majority of that day. She did not want me to burn those KAnd-ELs that day but nothing was going to stop me but I talked to her throughout that day and felt compassion for her.

That magical evening when I burned the KAnd-Els at my altar my children came to me. They gave me their names Evelyn, Brian and Joyce. I could still feel Joyce being upset but it began to feel better. My grandmother gave me the thumbs up that she was taking care of them and will continue til their healthy enough to cycle back. That night in my dreams we all played around together, we raced each other and had an amazing time with lots of laughs. On the 6th day of burning my KAnd-EL I had the most incredible dream. It began at a funeral for my 3 children. It was sad and dark and in black and white. There was a huge celebration, that SRI Master Gano was hosting and President Obama (HA!). There must of been hundreds of people seated facing a committee that I could not see that was seated all the way at the front. They were talking to us and talking about those who just graduated and reached this higher level. In the back and walking around were SRI Master Gano and Obama holding everything down. I was seated at the middle with the 2 others who were graduating with me. We were seated in these huge chairs and I was extremely happy. I feel like a little kid. I felt so honored and proud. Towards the end when it was done SRI Master Gano came over to me and we were laughing. I was wearing a piece of your clothing and I was wearing your shoes. When I went back to the area were I staying with a bunch of other girls, I opened the refrigerator and it was full of these fresh juices that each worked with a different chakra. I took out one to drink to begin drinking and told the other girls “Hey, make sure you guys pick some of these up and drink it. SRI Master Gano has created them to open the chakras.”

Then you came over to me and asked to give you your shoes. They were bright blue and you said “Hey, let me get those back Chula because those work for the throat chakra.” I gave them back to you and I was still glowing from everything that just occurred and you were so proud of me.

Btw two days into burning the KAnd-Els my life began changing. I started looking at life the way I did before. I started day dreaming of what I want, I have this urge to move and have a bigger place in Miami, I want to work again in the entertainment industry, I’ve been fantasize of doing documentaries like I did many years ago and the list goes on. I finally feel unstoppable again and like I can achieve anything. It’s amazing. I feel like I was looking at life through a cloud when it came to my dreams and desires and I never realized it before until now that it all became clear. I always thought my dreams and life changed because of being in an abusive relationship and the effects it had on me emotionally and mentally but now I realize it was because of my abortions and Joyce. Boy was she agree with me. I didn’t mention it earlier in this because I didn’t want it to take up to much time but she was also effect me here in the physical world the day before burning the KAnd-Els and the day of. Making me drop things and trying to create barriers for me not to burn the KAnd-Els.

SRI Master Gano, I would like to thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. You have done so much for me the past year and a half.

I love you, I honor you, I appreciate you, I respect you and I pray each and every day for the light and love of the Creator to fill you and continue to guide you on this incredible, massive, courageous, journey you have taken on to create change and a new world.

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