We at Galighticus lovingly refer to ritual as riches for all due to the possible enhancements in all areas of life. These benefits may include health, spiritual, relationships, experiences and of course last but certainly not least, finances.

It is a proven fact that when one performs ritual, life changes for the better. So, to that end, without any further ado, we present the 2/2/2022-2/22/2022 RichYOUall ritual.

This ritual is one directly from the system of HyperNTR-EL magic™, a double compound that continually doubles the double to the 10th power. This ritual has 3 levels. Depending on where you are, you have the freedom to perform the one that suits your situation.


Tier 1 (Must Have Cosmic Beacon)

Many of you have a divine artifact from Galighticus called the Cosmic Beacon. There are many kinds of beacons we offer, any type obtained from Galighticus may be used. For this particular ritual to be performed on the highest level it will require you to wear it for at least one hour a day starting from February the 2nd 2pm until February the 22nd 2pm.   You will choose one of the 33 known gods of Galighticus and dedicate your wearing of the Cosmic Beacon to them in exchange for something that you wish to obtain from them.

The 33 Gods of Galighticus

  1. Lord Thoth God of knowledge and HyperNTR-EL magic.
  2. SRI Lakshmi God of material wealth and beauty.
  3. Kwan-Yin Maha chohan of the ray of compassion.
  4. Lord Ganesha God of intelligence and prosperity.
  5. AA Michael Defender of the Celestus.
  6. AA Gabriel Divine messenger of the heavens.
  7. AA RApha-EL Divine healer of the universes.
  8. Fortuna God of treasures.
  9. The Jade Emperor God of celestial accounts & wealth streams.
  10. Mazu Wife of the Jade emperor. Divine empress.
  11. Lord Shiva Destroyer of worlds and outdated life forms.
  12. Lord Vishnu Operator of the universal currents.
  13. Anpu [ANUBIS] Manager of the underworlds.
  14. Ausar [Osiris] God of afterlife/underworld.
  15. Het-Heru [Hathor] God of love /Motherhood.
  16. Shango Lord of thunder and lightning.
  17. Ochun God of love divine and abundance.
  18. Yemaya [YE OMO EJA] Mother of the ocean.
  19. Auset [ISIS] God of fertility and beauty.
  20. Lord Brahma Generator of the Vedic universe.
  21. Lord Buddha The world teacher and Lord of Shamballah
  22. Lord KRISNA God of love /divine joy.
  23. Mahakala Protector, God of the void.
  24. Obatala Head of the Orisha pantheon
  25. Elegua God of crossroads
  26. Amitahba Buddha Celestial Buddha
  27. Avalokiteshvara Lord of compassion.
  28. Yamantika Destroyer of human death.
  29. Kubera Heavenly treasurer of wealth
  30. Potei God of riches
  31. Zeus Head of Olympian pantheon.
  32. Apollo Solar deity
  33. Lord AEsir Heimdahl The Watcher of the 9 realms/Controller of the Rainbow bridge.


You can also burn any denomination of GAM (Galighticus Ancestor Money) to them right before you go to bed at night during this period to highlight this ritual.


Tier 2 (Must have Galighticus Ancestor Money)

For those of you who do not have a cosmic beacon, that is fine please do not worry! You may still perform this ritual on the 2nd tier by simply burning any denomination of GAM (Galighticus Ancestor Money) to them right before you go to bed at night during this period to highlight this particular ritual. When you are falling asleep [awake] say aloud one Sequence of Power/Word of Power from Galighticus (if you have one) to the chosen Deity, then continue upon your astral journey.


Tier 3 (No Galighticus Modalities Needed)

No Cosmic beacon, or Galighticus ancestor money? No problem at all. Simply choose one of the Gods of Galighticus.

Offer this prayer at 2pm every day:

“I ask thee to watch over and bless me with your light. Bless my planet Earth with your light. Bless my family with your light, ashe.”


All 3 tiers are self-contained. Choose one and stick to it for 20 days straight for optimum results.

Remember, ritual breaks apart the energies of chaos. Our planet is overloaded with the energy of chaos, but we do not have to be prisoners of it. Feel free to share this ritual with all of your loved ones.


We thank you for participating in this powerful ritual of the 2s.


Lastly, you may still participate in the performance of this ritual by upgrading your tier at any time during this 20-day phase. Even if you need to procure a needed talisman or artifact (i.e. Cosmic Beacon or Galighticus Ancestor Money) from Galighticus. If you are only able to complete this ritual for the last 2 days, it will be better than not participating in the rare event at all, so you are welcome to participate once you are made aware of the ritual before 2/22/22!

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