How would visitors to Earth, feel?


There are people who are born in an arctic climate like Alaska, Antarctica and Iceland.  The people who are born there are used to the harsh, cold climate, because they deal with subzero temperatures on a regular basis.  Their constitution is built genealogically to withstand the velocity of how cold it is, or how others perceive it to be.  You can take that same paradigm and apply it to people who live very close to the equator.  It’s going to be extremely hot and humid.  Those that aren’t used to this type of climate may perceive it as a nauseating, dilapidating type of heat.  There are people who live on the East Coast in places like New York, who experience four different climates throughout the year.  They are accustomed to a little bit of cold and hot weather, as well as the variants in between.  They don’t want to stay in one type of climate too long.  They anticipate the end of the season, as change is constant regarding the temperature.


Some people that live in colder climates would like to experience what it’s like to be in a warmer climate.  So, they make the arraignment to take a plane, and take a holiday vacation, to a place like Florida or California, where it’s predominantly above 50 degrees on a regular basis.  That could be a shock to the indigenous people of Antarctica or Alaska; some may even dislike it.  Eventually, they will go back home and stay in their harsh climate.  There are people who prefer the warm climate.  They want to take an adventurous journey to the land masses where the weather is 30 degrees below zero, just to see if they can handle the extreme cold.  They’ll be there for a week or two and go on excursions to see glaciers, ice caps and icebergs, as these are some of things that only exist in the colder regions.  Most people will decide not to ever go outside of the climate to which they are sovereign.  Someone that lives in Florida most likely will never venture out to Alaska, because they’ve heard how cold it is.  Therefore, they will never know what it’s like to be in that harsh climate.


There are people who have heard about the goings-on in the Congo and other parts of the world, where the militia and guerrilla warfare are always active, as people are sold into slavery, killed and used as offerings to the dark gods.  When most civilized people hear about these barbaric activities, they become afraid as they vow never to go to these places.  They would never go to the Congo or places in Haiti where people practice voodoo, or other countries where the reputation precedes the environment that black magic is practiced.  Most people won’t go to India, because they’ve heard about the caste system and how poor certain places in India are.  It doesn’t call for their interest to even explore what that could possibly be like.


If we modify the analogy, we can conclude that there are beings that have heard that the human residence or resonance, oscillating at a frequency on Earth, that their world does not experience.  They hear about the barbaric nature of the inhabitants of the planet Earth and the fact that we have more food to feed eight times over the population; but we choose not to, due to capitalism and greed.  They hear about the civil and world wars and the nuclear arsenals that we have.  They hear about the deception and the lies. They hear about the violent video games, reality shows, and other various ways we chose to entertain ourselves with lower frequency activity.  The residences of the humans are extremely low and dilapidated.  Higher beings forever stay away from our world because of the actions of the mass populous.  They will never come to our world and show us the beauty of where they’ve come from, because they know that we would barbarically do things to them that we do to each other.


They never come to this world because they do not want to be included in, or engage in, lower activities such as do the inhabitants of earth.  Do you see where I’m going? Our world will forever be secluded from the higher worlds, because the higher worlds will not touch us with a ten-foot pole.  However, there are sentient life forms that are not afraid to come here and experiment.  They will come to earth and visit briefly.  Some of the other, darker species will come to earth and introduce some darker chaos, heavy blackmagic, and some left-hand practices. Some of these beings will also work to enslave the consciousness of the evolving Earthling.  This is the plight and pitfall of being a resident of here, on planet Earth.