Did you know that you have Divine parents who are Gods?

Did you know that you have Divine parents who are Gods?

You may have to be a great-grandparent to really understand this scenario. You meet your great-grandchild for the first time when they are 6 months old. You go to hug your great-grandchild, and they’re afraid of you because they do not see you every single day. They have to be around you to get comfortable with you and get used to your energy. Initially they are afraid of you, but meanwhile they are a part of you. You gave birth to them thrice removed. You are their great-grandparent, and you love them more than they could possibly imagine. If they knew whom you really were, or if they could understand or perceive whom you really were, they would rush into your arms. Because they don’t know you, they’re dealing with the sensory of fight or flight. They refract from you.

The macrocosm of that is divine parentage. Our divine parents don’t come to us in their true form because it would freak us out. We would be afraid, and we could simply be destroyed, due to their vast power.

Imagine looking directly into the sun for 5 minutes. Your retinas would be destroyed. Imagine looking at the great central sun of the Sirius complex.  You would be instantly destroyed.  Consider the atom bomb of Hiroshima in 1945.  Those poor souls where instantly evaporated.  Thus, the same is true with some of the Gods that exist throughout your universe. The Creator of all has many children who are far greater than anything you have ever learned in any religion or your education.

A major transduction is necessary for a safe interface with these beings. This is why the cosmic beacon has always been a technology that will safely connect you to the sheer mass power of the Gods.

You have to meet them more than halfway. Picture owning the perfect pants that are three sizes too big. You would simply have to wait until you grow into them, especially if there is no tailor around. Divine interface is somewhat like that metaphor.

It took me the better part of 30 years to build my awareness to the extent to where I could even perceive the Gods, to the extent of being able to stand before them and converse with them without being blasted to smithereens.

Most importantly, we need to be able to handle their energy, so you can grow into the energy that they have given, which according to science is 97% junk DNA. This is divine parentage. This is divine interface.

The Gods of the Galighticus have helped your world [Terra] in a major way since her construction creation. They have watched over her, the way a parent would watch over their newborn baby with care and love. They have made available many teachings, technologies to free you from the imprisonment of your slumber. They are radiating these videos, and HyperNTR-EL experiences directly to you.


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