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 How did we all come to be?

Before the beginning began, our Creator designed your spirit and gave it a name. Then a subdivision of that spirit, along with the help of certain gods, created the engine of your soul. Now a fraction of your soul is locked into your physical body. Prior to your birth your soul, which is an immortal entity, reviewed the expanse of this galaxy. Based on the light, your soul wanted to experience an upcoming adventure called life on Earth. You chose this planet to host a long cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in order to give your soul an education of being in duality. Your soul also chose the parents it would like to come through based on certain DNA and energetic inherency within.  You chose the number of years you’d be here as well as when you would die. You received permission from your parents, ‘the gods’, to come here. What you did not know is that you would have to deal with the density and darkness down here.  Your ancestors are the members of your family no longer in embodiment. Most of them are in the spirit world living a life similar to this.  They are awaiting your requests for help as well as your supplication. A large portion of your beloved ancestors’ unresolved karma is left behind and it can be affecting you. Did you know that financial debt follows you into the beyond and must be balanced as well as dark deeds?  Our ancestors ask of us to do certain rituals, which I teach, so that they can help us more in our dimension to achieve our goals, dreams, and true hearts desires.  After all, your greatest passion is what your soul called your body into being to experience, yes?

What is the purpose of mankind on Earth?

Over the thousands of conversations with hundreds of people I’ve had about esoterica, I began to realize that some of what would come out of my mouth was not from my brain or human side. Slowly, like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, I realized that I have a level of mediumship that takes over. St. Germaine and my spirit guide actually made me aware of this last year. I also had a very clear conversation with my “I Am”, that told me that this is one of the many reasons why I am here. I actually hid this stealthy mission deep within my being to unfold ever so ephemerally at a predestined time. That time has begun. The preparation of this mission to bring spiritual consciousness to the populace has been in action all my life. In April of 2013, I received a series of prompts from the spirit world to put together a series of lectures called May Miracles. The dates I selected were May 5th, 12th & 26th. These dates are power days: Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. The proceeds from the first six tickets I sold to the series along with what little I had in the bank came out to $444.07. The series was being held at 444 Atlantic Avenue and on the 7th day, Sunday. This was definitely one sign amongst the many to come that the spirit world wanted this series to happen and they supported it 100%.

How did SRI Gano Grills Mission Begin?

Every single soul in this world has come to Earth to play an important role. The problem is that many don’t know what that role is. Even more don’t know that we are divine beings who are temporarily experiencing a brief stay here on earth. We exist on many different dimensions simultaneously. We are here to combine those other parts of ourselves and effect change here for the better, on earth. We are to evolve beyond the limits of what have been mistaught from birth. The meaning and purpose of life is far greater than we can possibly fathom. In the words of Dr. Anthony T. Browder; “The things we know that we know fit into a thimble. You empty that into an 8oz glass and that represents the things we know that we don’t know. You empty that into the expanse of the ocean, and that represents the things we don’t even know that we don’t know”. Fortunately, I teach some of what those missing links are. I have had the very good fortune of meeting the 3 gods that created the engine of my soul ,so that i may express my mission here on earth with their help. They are my cosmic parents. SHANGO, SRI LAKSHMI & BALDR. They are from 3 different pantheons, and that gives me a wide range of knowledge to draw from as well as advanced enriching teachings.

It was my Divine Mother Lakshmi who revealed to me that my highest form is the Lord Ganesha. She told me directly that I AM a human embodiment of him.The Gods know things we could never know in the fractal earthling human template.


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